List of Special CharactersΒΆ

It is possible to use special characters in the text painting and in the text of the diagram axis labels. This is done by using LaTeX tags. The following table contains a list of currently available characters.

Note: Which of those characters are correctly displayed depends on the font used by Qucs!

Small Greek letters

LaTeX tag Unicode Description
\alpha 0x03B1 alpha
\beta 0x03B2 beta
\gamma 0x03B3 gamma
\delta 0x03B4 delta
\epsilon 0x03B5 epsilon
\zeta 0x03B6 zeta
\eta 0x03B7 eta
\theta 0x03B8 theta
\iota 0x03B9 iota
\kappa 0x03BA kappa
\lambda 0x03BB lambda
\mu 0x03BC mu
\textmu 0x00B5 mu
\nu 0x03BD nu
\xi 0x03BE xi
\pi 0x03C0 pi
\varpi 0x03D6 pi
\rho 0x03C1 rho
\varrho 0x03F1 rho
\sigma 0x03C3 sigma
\tau 0x03C4 tau
\upsilon 0x03C5 upsilon
\phi 0x03C6 phi
\chi 0x03C7 chi
\psi 0x03C8 psi
\omega 0x03C9 omega

Capital Greek letters

LaTeX tag Unicode Description
\Gamma 0x0393 Gamma
\Delta 0x0394 Delta
\Theta 0x0398 Theta
\Lambda 0x039B Lambda
\Xi 0x039E Xi
\Pi 0x03A0 Pi
\Sigma 0x03A3 Sigma
\Upsilon 0x03A5 Upsilon
\Phi 0x03A6 Phi
\Psi 0x03A8 Psi
\Omega 0x03A9 Omega

Mathematical symbols

LaTeX tag Unicode Description
\cdot 0x00B7 multiplication dot (centered dot)
\times 0x00D7 multiplication cross
\pm 0x00B1 plus minus sign
\mp 0x2213 minus plus sign
\partial 0x2202 partial differentiation symbol
\nabla 0x2207 nabla operator
\infty 0x221E infinity symbol
\int 0x222B integral symbol
\approx 0x2248 approximation symbol (waved equal sign)
\neq 0x2260 not equal sign
\in 0x220A “contained in” symbol
\leq 0x2264 less-equal sign
\geq 0x2265 greater-equal sign
\sim 0x223C (central european) proportional sign
\propto 0x221D (american) proportional sign
\diameter 0x00F8 diameter sign (also sign for average)
\onehalf 0x00BD one half
\onequarter 0x00BC one quarter
\twosuperior 0x00B2 square (power of two)
\threesuperior 0x00B3 power of three
\ohm 0x03A9 unit for resistance (capital Greek omega)

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